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A hand holding several types of credit cards which can be used to increase your credit score.These financial education resources are a fantastic place to start (or further) your journey toward financial literacy and success! 

This page is a fantastic resource listing to gain financial knowledge, products and resources that I offer through my financial education services at World Financial Group. As a financial educator in Kamloops, BC, it’s my job to focus on your needs, goals and objectives and help families, businesses and individuals build a sound financial strategy. 

Online Financial Education Resources

Below you’ll find links to the following financial education resources:

  • How Money Works: Unsure of where you stand with your knowledge? Take this fun challenge to find out where you’re at!
  • Life Insurance Myths: Chances are you have questions about life insurance—whether you need it, what types are the right types for you, etc. This will help! 
  • Money Makeover: Sometimes we just need a little help to organize where your money goes and how you spend it. These six steps will give you the headstart you need.
  • World Financial Group Products: We offer a lot of different plans, products, and services to help you get started toward a brighter financial future. Check these out!
  • Become a business owner: Always wanted to start your own biz but not sure how you can make it work financially? Here are some great tips!

Financial Education Blog

You can also check out these blogs I’ve written that will also help you to understand and manage your money better:

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3 Smart Ways to Build Credit

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5 Simple Ways Canadians Can Save Money

Financial Planning Tips for Parents

If you have questions about finances, planning for the future, how to save money, or how to work toward owning a home or providing your family with a secure future, let’s chat!

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Online Financial Literacy Resources

Interested in learning more about financial literacy? Please feel free to look through these free online resources. I hope you find them useful!

How Money Works

Are you financially literate? If you feel unsure of how to answer this question, you’re not alone! Take the challenge to find out whether or not you really know how money works! Take the How Money Works Challenge

Life Insurance Mythology

Do I need life insurance? Is it too expensive? Can I get it if you have a serious health condition? What if I’m single, or covered by work? Watch this quick video to learn about 9 common life insurance myths and truths! Learn more about life insurance

Money Makeover

Do you need a money makeover? Check out these 6 steps to financial independence to start working on your financial plan! View the 6 steps

WFG Products

From insurance protection, to retirement strategies, to business solutions and more, here are the financial tools and strategies you’ll gain access to when you work with a WFG financial expert. View products

Want to Become a Business Owner?

Interested in breaking away from the 9 to 5 grind and starting your own business? WFG can help you succeed — here’s how.Learn more