Monthly Archives: October 2020

Credit Score: 3 Smart Ways to Build Credit

A hand holding several types of credit cards which can be used to increase your credit score.

Your credit score can be a bit of a touchy subject. Credit is an important aspect of your financial life, though, so it’s time to open up the conversation!  First, we’ll go over a few common questions regarding credit. Then we’ll drop a few tips that can help you build your credit and build a […]

Ultimate List of Family-Friendly Activities in Kamloops

Skyleigh McCallum Realtor and her adorable family enjoy an ice cream cone at Scoopz in Kamloops,

The amount of family-friendly activities in Kamloops is definitely one of the many reasons why I love living here!  Plenty of schools, parks, extra-curriculars, and options for family-friendly entertainment make Kamloops an awesome place to raise a family. Not to mention the strong sense of community and general friendliness of the people who live here.  […]

Faux Brick Wall DIY: German Smear Whitewash

A DIY faux brick wall diy home renovation project with brick tiles and german smear whitewash built around a fireplace and floating shelves.

I love a good brick wall! They add a rustic-chic element that’s both timeless and funky. We’re living in a new construction home in Kamloops and there happened to be a big, blank wall that needed some pizzaz, so recently I had a chance to build a faux brick wall myself! At first, we weren’t […]