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Kamloops BC Wildlife Park Photo Contest

Skyleigh McCallum and her sister, Alicia McCallum, standing in front of the BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops.

In 2020, we hosted a photo contest for the BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops. And, wow! It was such a success! As an animal lover, the BC Wildlife park is a cause that’s been close to my heart for some time now. 2020 was a hard year for many, and this local non-profit organization and […]

6 Reasons to Love Downtown Kamloops

Downtown Kamloops is one of my absolute favourite places to spend a day! Whether I’m out on a date with my hubby, spending the day with girlfriends, or have my two kiddos in tow, there’s always something fun to do.  I’m so impressed with the growth this area has seen over the last few years, […]