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Credit Score: 3 Smart Ways to Build Credit

A hand holding several types of credit cards which can be used to increase your credit score.

Your credit score can be a bit of a touchy subject. Credit is an important aspect of your financial life, though, so it’s time to open up the conversation!  First, we’ll go over a few common questions regarding credit. Then we’ll drop a few tips that can help you build your credit and build a […]

Can Personal Insurance Protect My Family?

Skyleigh McCallum Financial Educator and Realtor in Kamloops plays with her family in a park

What is personal insurance, and why should you invest in it? Personal insurance is a form of insurance that is connected to you, so it follows you no matter where you work or what phase of life you’re in.  As a Financial Educator, I often recommend this type of insurance to my clients as I […]

5 Simple Ways Canadians Can Save Money

I don’t know many people who aren’t looking for ways to save money. Let’s be honest—life is expensive, and all those bills can be tough to manage sometimes! Being disciplined with saving is one of the ways my partner and I were able to afford two homes before we turned 30. Putting all my tips […]

Financial Planning Tips For Parents: Set Your Kids Up For Success

Skyleigh McCallum Financial Educator in Kamloops sitting with her young daughter looking at a laptop together reading financial planning tips for parents

As a mother of two, I understand that knowing how to set your kids up financially can seem tough. As a financial educator with World Financial Group, I also understand how important it is! Once you become a parent, you are responsible for not only your own financial planning, but for teaching your kids about […]

Hi! I’m Skyleigh McCallum

Hi there! My name is Skyleigh McCallum, and I’m so glad you’re here! Real estate and financial education are my jam. I love helping people and families achieve their goals, as well as a sense of comfort and stability in life—it’s why I do what I do! I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and have […]