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Kamloops BC Wildlife Park Photo Contest

Skyleigh McCallum and her sister, Alicia McCallum, standing in front of the BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops.

In 2020, we hosted a photo contest for the BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops. And, wow! It was such a success! As an animal lover, the BC Wildlife park is a cause that’s been close to my heart for some time now. 2020 was a hard year for many, and this local non-profit organization and […]

Ultimate List of Family-Friendly Activities in Kamloops

Skyleigh McCallum Realtor and her adorable family enjoy an ice cream cone at Scoopz in Kamloops,

The amount of family-friendly activities in Kamloops is definitely one of the many reasons why I love living here!  Plenty of schools, parks, extra-curriculars, and options for family-friendly entertainment make Kamloops an awesome place to raise a family. Not to mention the strong sense of community and general friendliness of the people who live here.  […]