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The Goal Setting Method that Turns Your Dreams Into Reality

young child sits on the ledge of the couch with feet kicking off having fun

After learning how to implement goal setting effectively, I’ve been able to hit some incredible milestones in my life and in my career. Just recently, I was able to bring on my assistant full-time. Previously, this was just a dream of mine. But I set the goal, executed the strategy that’s been proven to work […]

Benefits to Using a REALTOR® vs Going At It Alone

front door view of a cute white dream house with a Canadian flag off to the side

Are you buying or selling a home and considering the benefits of using a Realtor? The truth is that real estate transactions can be stressful, and having a professional Realtor to guide you through the process comes with some great advantages.  Pros and Cons of Using a Realtor Are there pros and cons of using […]